Crown and Bridge Treatment in Kolkata

Crown Dental Crowns

Crowns, also known as caps, restore damaged teeth and mimics the shapes, size and shade of the encompassing teeth, Crowns are demonstrated for broken teeth and teeth with profound holes and cavities ; to ensure teeth that have been dealt with by root channel treatment, to give additional support to spans; and to cover inadequately molded or stained teeth. Crowns might be made of metal, porcelain, Zirconia, All fired or fresher therapeutic materials like metal free pottery. Crowns commonly last eight to ten years, yet can last any longer with appropriate oral cleanliness. The crown and scaffold treatment is best alternative to spare teeth.

Dental Bridges

A bridge stabilizes the bite of a people who is missing one or more teeth.Extensions keep the encompassing teeth from moving or moving in the mouth. Not at all like fractional dentures, spans are lasting; patients require not expel them. The missing tooth is supplanted with a counterfeit tooth associated between two crowns (tops), which are for all time solidified or fortified on the adjoining teeth.

Dental Bridge Treatment in Kolkata, Dental Crown Treatment in Kolkata

Dental Crown and Tooth Bridge is a fixed prosthetic device which is cemented onto the existing teeth and even implants. This extremely fine work is done by an experienced dentist or a capable prosthodontist. You must go for crown and bridge treatment to protect your teeth.

Understanding bridges and crowns

Generally Crowns and bridges are not removable devices such as dentures. Crowns and bridges are cemented onto the existing teeth or implants, and can only be removed by a knowledgeable and experienced dentist. Crowns are used to completely cover or "cap" a problem tooth or cover an implant.

Bridges are used to cover the existing space between the missing one or more teeth. The space around the tooth is prepared prior to fixing abridge which is then mounted and accordingly adjusted so that it fits properly and gives total comfort so crown and bridge treatment is suitable for every teeth.

A crown is used to cover entirely or "cap" a damaged tooth. It not only strengthens a damaged tooth but it is also used to enhance the appearance, shape or alignment of a normal tooth. A professional dentist creates a perfect crown in a tooth-like shape and structure for proper functioning and fits it perfectly on top of an implant or problem tooth.

Choose shade for the crown or bridge which matches perfectly with the color of your teeth

We choose high quality Porcelain or ceramic crowns which match perfectly with the color of your natural teeth. Porcelain is bonded to a metal shell so as to make strong as well naturally attractive crowns. Other materials which are used are gold and metal alloys, or acrylic and ceramic. These alloys are stronger than porcelain and are recommended for back teeth.

As with the crowns, our experienced dentists help you decide which material to use for bridges depending on the exact location of the missing tooth (or teeth), its basic function, its aesthetic considerations and the cost. Porcelain or ceramic bridges are made so as to match to the color of your natural teeth. At Modern Dental Unit, We ready to help you with crown and bridge treatment.

Opt for best oral care

We are one of the most dependable and trustworthy in dental care, offering a hospitable environment to take care and handle all your dental apprehensions. Our team of deft dentists and skilled prosthodontist possess in depth expertise in their respective fields. Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime. Very rarely they sometimes come loose or fall out. The most essential step for ensuring the life of your crown or bridge is to use good oral clean practice. However, A person can consult our team of dentists regularly for future checkups and getting other professional cleanings done efficiently. Crown and bridge treatment is safe for people.

We extend the facility of all the treatments under one roof. Our endeavor is to provide our clients longevity with the most congenial and friendly atmosphere with strong focus on total cleanliness and spotlessness. Teeth which are broken down from decay or fracture can now be fully restored to an impeccable appearance and proper function by our skilled dentists. They work with unrivalled enthusiasm and skill for restoration and perform an array of dental procedures, with zeal and expertise making use of latest technologies.

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