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Implant Gum disease

Gum infection alludes to aggravation of the delicate tissue (gingiva) and unusual loss of bone that encompasses the teeth and holds them set up. Gum sickness is the second most basic reason for toothache.

Gum disease is caused by poisons discharged by microbes in "plaque" that amass after some time along the gum line. This plaque is a blend of sustenance, salivation, and bacteria. Early symptoms of gum disease include gum bleeding without pain, red, swollen or tender gums, pus between teeth and gums, loose teeth and bad breath from mouth. At Modern dental unit , we are the best pediatric dentist in kolkata.

Non-Surgical Therapy

  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Over Jet and Over bite correction
  • Splinting of weak and mobile teeth together
  • Oral Prophylaxis

Surgical Therapy

  • Surgical Excision of gingival overgrowth (Gingivectomy)
  • Excision of labial and lingual high frenum attachment (Frenectomy)
  • Treatment of mobile teeth with severe bone loss with artificial bone grafting
  • Flap Surgery to remove infected pocket formed in between teeth

Best Periodontal Surgery in Kolkata

Periodontal disease is a group of diseases wherein some forms are more aggressive and hard to control than the others. The initial symptoms of periodontal disease are not very easy to identify. Periodontal disease, is manifested when the gums become inflamed, and the bones which surround your teeth are affected by the inflammation. When you take treatment for pediatric dentist in kolkata you may join us and take advantage of our dedicated service.

Regular check-up is essential for early detection

Periodontal Disease is caused by widespread bacteria and plaque on the teeth. The bacteria can create an infection and over a period of time will then develop into periodontal disease. Hence, it is imperative to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings so as to help prevent gum disease, and at the same time treat the early signs which are manifested.

Our teams of skilled dentists at Modern Dental Clinic are endowed with the capability to identify your problem and needs with accuracy. They will guide you on the correct path of treatment or surgery as per the severity of your disease. But, it is essential to visit the clinic and get your gums checked regularly as per the doctor’s suggestion. Thus, your dentist will be able to spot signs of gum disease, at an early stage. This is indeed one of the best ways to prevent it. We will make all necessary efforts to treat the disease quickly. We are the best pediatric dentist in kolkata.

Fewearly signs of gum disease

  • Swelling of gums : This is first signs of gum disease, which is easy to overlook. It is best to visit the dentist regularly in order to ensure that changes can be monitored.
  • Bleeding in gums : This is not normal and thus regular check-up is necessary.
  • Continual bad breath : This is another common sign of periodontal disease. The bad breath lasts even after you brush your teeth each morning and night.
  • Receding gum line : This happens when your gum line begins to pull away further from the teeth and cause sensitivity. Eventually your teeth can fall out.
  • Loose teeth : This is another possible early sign of this disease.

Periodontal disease is characterized typically according to several levels of severity namely gingivitis which is the least severe form, followed by periodontitis, and the most severe form is advanced periodontitis. However, if you have a problem then our experienced dentist will help you restore your teeth and gums to a healthy state.

Get Periodontal & gum surgery done by professional highly experienced dentist

Our prestigious team of expert dentists are always eager to answer any queries that you may have about Periodontal and gum surgery. The preparation for Periodontal & gum surgery is different depending on your specific dental requirements. Besides performing traditional periodontal surgery techniques we offer periodontal laser therapies which are minimally invasive, less painful. Besides this technique offers faster recovery, we are pediatric dentist in kolkata.

We focus on helping you to make the process of Periodontal & gum surgery easy and comfortable and thus help you to achieve a happy and a healthy smile!

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