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Oral and Maxillofacial surgery will be surgery to treat numerous infections, wounds and imperfections in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and delicate tissues of the oral (mouth) and Maxillofacial (jaw and face) area. In some countries, including United States, it is a recognized speciality of dentistry. In others, including UK, it is recognized as a medical speciality. A number of condition may require in oral surgery including :-

Removal of Wisdom Teeth (Impacted Teeth)

Sometimes one or more of third molars , last set of teeth to emerge fails to emerge Jaw bone and gum tissue entrapped results into teeth swelling. Affected shrewdness teeth can bring about swelling, agony, and disease of the gum tissue encompassing the astuteness teeth. Furthermore, affected intelligence teeth can make perpetual harm close-by teeth, gums, and bone and can in some cases pimples or tumors that can crush segments of the jaw.Therefore, it is recommended impacted wisdom teeth to be surgically removed. Other teeth, such as the cuspids (Incisors or canine even) and the bicuspids can also become impacted.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

Dysfunction of the TMJ, the small joint in front of the ear where the skull and lower jaw meet, is a common source of headache and facial pain. Most patients with TMJ issue can be effectively treated with a mix of oral drugs, exercise based recuperation, and braces. In any case, joint surgery is a possibility for cutting edge cases and when the conclusion shows a particular issue in the joint.

Apicoectomy A root end surgery, also knbown as apicoectomy is a endodontic surgical procedure whereby a tooth's root tip is removed and a root end cavity is prepared and filled with a biocompatible material. This is usually necessitated when a conventional root canal therapy had failed and a re-treatment was already unsuccessful or is not advised. A different kinds of surgeries like Eneuclenation of Radicular Cyst, Residual Cyst and surgical excision of various Orodental Tumors in general anaesthia (O.T PROCEDURE ).

Best Maxillofacial Surgeon in Kolkata

Oral surgical treatment is specialized surgery undertaken to treat various diseases, defects or injuries in the face, head, neck, jaws and the delicate tissues of the mouth and maxillofacial regions i.e. face and the jaw. We are the one of the best solution for maxillofacial surgery in kolkata.

In maximum cases, this field is recognized as a medical specialty rather than a branch of dentistry. An oral surgical treatment is performed to cure a number of conditions such as:

Removal of Wisdom Teeth

An average mouth is made to accommodate only 28 teeth. Very rare, people have all 32. It can be extremely painful when the extra four teeth, known as the third molars try to erupt and fit in. These four teeth are referred to as Wisdom Teeth. Maxillofacial surgery in kolkata is smooth with us.

Because, your mouth is not meant to hold wisdom teeth, when they erupt, they do not align properly and the gum tissue begins to pain. As a result, these have to be removed. This extraction of wisdom teeth becomes important as in most cases they may grow sideways or sometimes emerge partially and keep trapped beneath the gums and the bone.

These badly positioned wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and other problems. When they erupt partially, the opening around the tooth area allows the growth of bacteria which causes severe infections. This causes pain, swelling and stiffness. The pressure with which the wisdom teeth erupt sometimes disturbs the natural alignment of teeth. However, the most acute problem occurs when cysts begin to form around the partially erupted teeth, causing total destruction of the jawbone. So to combat all these issues, an early removal of wisdom teeth by way of a surgery is generally preferred. You can take benefit of best maxillofacial surgery in kolkata with us.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders)

There is a small joint located in front of the ear where the lower jaw and the skull meet. If this joint stops functioning properly, it causes a lot of facial pain and headache. A lot of times, patients facing this problem can be treated by oral medications, splints and physical therapy. However if the problem persists, there might arise a need of undertaking an oral surgical treatment.


This is an endodontic surgical procedure where a root end surgery is conducted in which the root tip of the tooth is removed and the cavity present at the end of the root is prepared and filled with biocompatible material. This surgery is generally performed in odd cases when the conventional RCT treatment fails to cure the condition.

Snoring/ Sleep Apnea

If you experience heavy snoring or sleep apnea and all treatment methods to cure the situation have proved to be ineffective, you can opt for oral surgical treatment to correct the issue and have a snore-free sleep.

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