Best Oral Cancer Treatment in Kolkata


Head and neck cancer refers to a group of biologically similar cancers that start in the lip, oral cavity (mouth), nasal cavity (inside the nose), paranasal sinuses, pharynx, and larynx. 90% of head and neck cancers are squamous cell carcinomas, originating from the mucosal lining of these regions. Squamous cell diseases are basic in the oral pit, including the inward lip, tongue, floor of mouth, gingivae, and hard sense of taste. Diseases of the oral pit are emphatically connected with Tobacco utilize, particularly utilization of biting tobacco or "plunge", and additionally substantial liquor utilize. Tumors of this district, especially the tongue, are more as often as possible treated with surgery than are other head and neck cancers.Join us and take consultation from our expert doctors regarding mouth cancer treatment.

Signs and symtoms of cancer are painful swallowing, Sore tongue, Painless ulcer or sores in the mouth that do not heal, White, red or dark patches in the mouth that will not go way, Unusual bleeding or numbness in the mouth, Enlarged lymph glands in the neck, Bad breath and Slurring of speech.

Diagnosis a patient usually presents to the physician complaining of one or more of the above symptoms. The patient will typically undergo a needle biopsy of this lesion, and a histopathologic information is available, a multidisciplinary discussion of the optimal treatment strategy will be undertaken between the radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist and medical oncologist. Avoidance of recognised risk factors the single most effective form of prevention. Regular dental examinations may identify pre-cancerous lesions in the oral cavity. When diagnosed early oral, head and neck cancers can be treated more easily and the chances or survival increase tremendously. We give you the solution for mouth cancer treatment. Treatment includes CO2 Laser surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy,Photodynamic therapy, Targeted therapy

Best Mouth Cancer Treatment in Kolkata

It is imperative to detect early signs and symptoms of cancer so as to get effective treatment. The professional team of dentists at our leading dental clinic have the skills and tools to identify and recognise pre-cancerous conditions and early symptoms.

Few common symptoms of cancer include:

  • White or red spots and oral sores in the mouth cavity
  • Sore which bleeds and does not heal easily
  • A lump, or thickening, or any rough spot in the oral cavity
  • Pain, swelling tenderness, or numbness in the mouth or the lips
  • Having Difficulty in chewing, or swallowing, or speaking, or moving the jaw or tongue

However, these symptoms may be due to less serious problems. But, at the same time it is important to visit a reputed clinic in order to ascertain or rule out the eventuality of any hazardous problem. We, at Modern Dental Clinic are dedicated to provide all-inclusive and wide ranging dental health care. Our team of doctors have pioneered many latest procedures and innovative techniques and are undoubtedly the leaders in modern dentistry.

Regular dental cancer screening is must for early detection

Understanding your dental challenges, and detecting disease as early as possible and before it can do real harm is our commitment and forte. Fast and painless dental cancer screening tests are performed as part of regular dental check-up and exam. Early signs cannot be noticed by you and thus it is extremely important to have regular examination done by our professional dentists in your routine check-ups.

Our team of doctors are trained in techniques and procedures required for simple and quick screening. Fine examination of your oral cavity and your teeth, is done to detect cancerous as well as precancerous conditions. A thorough visual examination of the mouth is done in order to detect any abnormalities.

In case an abnormality is detected, a simple test is performed by our trained dentist. Cells from a suspicious lesion in the mouth are collected and sent to our lab for further analysis. In case the test comes back atypical or positive, we may advise to conduct biopsy. Further, treatment or surgery is recommended as per the report. The tech savvy team of experienced dental surgeons perform the latest surgical procedures such as laser dentistry, Pin hole surgical technique with lot of care and precision. Now a daysmouth cancer treatment is very vital issue so take appointment with our doctors.

The best ways to prevent cancer:

  • Avoid all tobacco products
  • Drink alcohol in Moderation
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet
  • During your dental appointment, ask our dentist to perform an oral exam
  • Early detection of dental cancer can improve the chance of successful treatment

Early detection of cancer will definitely improve the chance of a successful treatment. Our dentists are committed not only to give back your smile but to take care of your overall wellness. A comprehensive and holistic approach to dental care is adopted which includes a cancer screening as a part of regular examination. You must consult with us regarding mouth cancer treatment for better result.

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