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PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY ( formerly PEDODONTICS ) or PAEDODONTICS is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence. This discipline focuses on pediatric/adolescent growth and development, disease causality and prevention, child psychology and management, and all aspects of the highly-specialized Pediatric restorative techniques and modalities, also specialized in the care of "special needs" patients, such as people withcerebral palsy, mental retardation and autism.

Studies show that poor oral health care in children lead to decrease school performance and poor social relationships. Therefore, pediatric dentists give advice on how to make teeth strong, the importance of developing healthy eating habits, and other ways to prevent cavities from occurring.

Pedodontics not only aids in the dental health of children but serves as an educational tool for parents. It is recommended that a dental visit should occur between shortly after the presence of the first tooth in a child to that child's first birthday. This is because early mouth examinations aids in the detection of the early stages of tooth decay and can therefore be immediately treated.

Common Procedures Include

  • Fluoride varnish application on teeth for prevention of caries and developing malocclusion.
  • Application of pit & fissure sealant to prevent pit & fissure caries of teeth.
  • Early caries detection and restoration with suitable material
  • Management of bottle caries with fullmouth rehabilation
  • Extraction of primary teeth ( if require followed by space maintainer and stainless steel crown )
  • Special care and treatment for disabled, handicapped and mentally retarded child
  • Child and parent education on maintaning oral hygiene

Best Child Dentist in Kolkata

Every parent wants their child to grow up with healthy and strong teeth. It is important to give proper attention to the dental care. This is indeed a very intrinsic and vital part of overall health and well-being of a child.

Put your child on the ideal path of dental hygiene at a young age

Good oral hygiene is imperative in order to prevent cavities from forming. It is essential to encourage your child to brush his teeth twice a day. This is the only way which helps to remove pathogenic bacteria from the mouth and thus, minimise the chance of any tooth decay. Our adept dentists, at Modern Dental clinic, will give you some excellent tips regarding oral hygiene and care. We also educate the parents regarding the proper techniques with which to brush your child s teeth. This way, you can be sure that you are cleaning your child’s teeth properly and preventing cavities from forming.

Main Reasons for Tooth Decay

It is seen that tooth decay is caused by two factors:

1) Diet: If the child is consuming too many sweet foods or cola drinks, then there is higher risk of landing with tooth decay

2) Hygiene: if the child is not in the habit of brushing his teeth at least twice per day to remove the plaque then he has great chances of developing, cavities and ultimately suffer from tooth decay

Begin regular dental visits at early age

Since primary teeth are coming, regular cleanings and check-ups are required to keep the tooth decay in check. Taking an early vigil on the oral care will give your child a much better chance of having robust gums and healthy set of teeth later on in life as well as fewer dental problems. Visits in the friendly environment of our eminent clinic will eliminate any fear of seeing the dentist. Our team of dentists monitor dental development of your child with utmost care and precision so that they can detect any potential problems. It is imperative to teach your child the importance of brushing and flossing regularly so as to avoid dental disease and other problems. Proactive prevention is the best way to keep the teeth and gum growth on the right track. You will get the best advice in our clinic regarding teething, dietary recommendations and other dental queries.

Get outstanding dental care in order to prevent tooth decay

Under the expert guidance of our dentists you can prevent tooth decay from developing in the mouth of your child. Since your child’s teeth will be under professional care they will more likely remain in good and perfect shape. Our experienced dentists will perform regular cleanings and can thus take care of problems even before they have the chance to get worse.

All paediatric dentists in Modern dental Clinic are well experienced and have in-depth training in handling children with lot of finesse and tender care.They focus intensely on the specific dental needs and oral hygiene of infants, kids as well as teenagers.

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