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Aesthetic plastic surgery additionally called Medical feel, includes systems expected for the "improvement" of appearance through surgical and therapeutic methods, and is particularly worried with keeping up ordinary appearance, reestablishing it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal. The key to providing you with a fresh, new and natural look is to formulate a treatment program that targets your unique problem areas. All procedures are done right here at our center, and our specialization in and focus on the facial and neck areas benefits our patients. You can connect with us for gum surgery and plastic surgery in kolkata.


• Acne Scar Treatment • Asian Plastic Surgery • Botox / Dysport • Brow Lift • Cheek Plastic Surgery • Chemical Peel • Chin Reshaping • Ear Plastic Surgery / Otoplasty • Eyelid / Blepharoplasty • Facelift • Facial Fillers • Facial Implants • Facial Reconstruction • Fat Transfer • Jaw Implants • Laser Hair Removal • Laser Resurfacing

Best Aesthetic Surgery in Kolkata

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, popularly known as Medical Aesthetics, involves various procedures that are bent upon enhancing one’s appearance by way of competent medical and surgical techniques. It seeks to maintain and restore the natural appearance. We help you to recover from pain with gum surgery and plastic surgery in kolkata.

This surgical treatment helps in the reconstruction of all your facial flaws caused due to trauma, disease, burns or even birth disorders. Plastic surgery is highly purposive as it rectifies the dysfunctional areas of the body. In order to secure best results, we formulate individual treatment programs for all our patients that target their unique problem areas.

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Treatment includes both surgical procedures such as facelift, brow lift etc. and non-surgical procedures like chemical peel, skin tightening and more. At Modern dental unit , We are the solution for gum surgery and plastic surgery in kolkata.

Our Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Treatment Options

All the procedures undertaken at our clinic focus on the face and neck related issues.

  • Asian Plastic Surgery
  • Botox/ Dysport
  • Acne Scar Treatment
  • Brow Lift
  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Chemical Peel
  • Cheek Plastic Surgery
  • Chin Reshaping
  • Otoplasty/ Ear Plastic Surgery

  • Facelift
  • Facial Fillers
  • Eyelid/ Blepharoplasty
  • Facial Reconstruction
  • Facial Implants
  • Jaw Implants
  • Fat Transfer
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Laser Hair Removal

Technologies We Use

There are a plethora of technologies that find use in medical aesthetic treatments. Among all, the major ones we use are:

  • Laser- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  • Infra Red
  • Ultrasound
  • Radio Frequency Machine

Why Choose Us?

We, at Modern Dental Unit, seek to bring out your intrinsic beauty with the grail of realizing your personal ideals. Whether looking to achieve an attractive outline or radiant and attractive facial features, our medical specialists enjoy the trust of their patients for their worthy consultation as well as professional and efficient treatment techniques.

Countless years of experience, state-of-art medical techniques, highest standards of care and confidentiality and a satisfying environment earn us the reputation of being a well-established dental unit in Kolkata. We proffer the ideal prerequisites for extending best and stress free regeneration.

We Concentrate on Safety and Effectiveness

We pay a lot of attention on bringing in utmost efficiency in all our operations. Our trained doctors review all clinical data with great precision before introducing a new treatment in the system.

We follow a patient centered approach. A comprehensive skin analysis is conducted to identify all the potential areas of improvement. Following that, we undertake an intensive discussion session with the patient to help them know more about all the available treatment options. Based on that, we fabricate a customized treatment plan that meets the precise requirements of the patient.

We employ US FDA-cleared & Πmarked products and treatments to help the patients believe that every skin treatment or laser they get at our clinic is well evaluated and is 100% safe for all skin types.

Summer Special Offers
RCT + MC Crown RCT + MC Crown INR 4,500/-
Scaling + Polishing Scaling + Polishing INR 600/-
Extraction Per Unit Extraction Per Unit INR 150/-
Implant Insertion with Zirconia Crown Implant Insertion with Zirconia Crown INR. 25,000/-

10 Years Warranty

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